Buying a Used Car – Top Tips

Buying a used car can be both an exciting and daunting experience. As individuals, we all have our own car brand aspirations that we know and love. The reasons why we like cars can cover so many aspects, from status and speed to styling and comfortability, or size and practicality.  Whatever the reason there is […]

Autumn Vehicle Checks 2018

As we amble into the Autumn season and the darker nights draw in, the UK Autumn season can bring varied weather patterns.  This month our team at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd would like to highlight some of the aspects for the best way to look after your vehicle through the season, so that drivers operate their […]

Working with an Accredited Vehicle Company

Finding the right accredited vehicle company that has a reputable workshop garage to service your car can be an off-putting task. Because of their reputation and core knowledge of the car brand, it is often tempting to use the main dealers for services, repairs and maintenance, however their costs for labour and parts can sometimes […]

BMW AC Schnitzer performance, tuning and styling at its very best!

Originally founded by Willi Kohl and Herbert Schnitzer in 1987 and based in Aachen, Germany. An exclusive method of engineering known as AC Schnitzer was formerly used in motorsport to improve the performance, tuning and styling of vehicles whilst out on the track. Since then, their unique techniques have transferred into mainstream every day vehicles […]

Air Conditioning System Holiday Check

We really have enjoyed some great summer weather days here in the UK over recent weeks, however getting into a car that has been sat in the sun for several hours can be stifling.  Worse still, if you find out that your air conditioning system is not running efficiently, and you have a long holiday […]