Planning on going on holiday with a caravan this summerCart


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If you tow a caravan regularly or cover a lot of miles for work or holidays, then why not try our diesel economy or petrol performance remap service for your vehicle.


Long journey’s and pulling that extra weight can generate extra fuel consumption. With a petrol performance remap you can reduce fuel costs by increasing petrol performance, power and BHP for up to 30%.
Whilst diesel remaps can reduce up to 20%.

If you’re looking for more power behind the wheel then the Diesel ECU Tuning & Diesel Engine Remapping for non-turbo and turbo diesel engines could be just what you’re looking for. With immediate improvements to throttle response and acceleration. The smooth power delivery and the vehicle’s over all response, will offer drivers an extra level of capability.

For further information please see our ECU Remapping page or contact us.

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