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2018 GDPR SAT NAV Compliance

SAT NAVWhilst here at the Stourbridge Automotive Ltd office, we are busy ensuring that our business is meeting the new GDPR compliance, due to come into force this week on Thursday 24th May.  We would like to inform you that your customer data and the information that we hold about your vehicle is really important to us. How we use your information and look after it, is a priority to our business.

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SAT NAV Compliance – How will this effect your data?

Also, with GDPR in mind please don’t forget the data held on your SAT NAV’s will come under this new legislation. Under the new GDPR EU law, individuals could be required to delete destination address details for where they have visited before selling the car onto another owner or business.  Leasing companies will also be responsible for the cleaning the data on SAT NAV’s when vehicles are returned to them once the lease period is finished.

We will be informing customers of any up-to-date guidance on this matter as it becomes available.  In the meantime, you may like to read this article published last year by –