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Driving tips for 2013′s winter

  • Make sure all your windows including the front windscreen are clear and mist-free before venturing any journeys
  • Make sure exterior lights are clean from dust and dirt
  • In cold weather the vehicles electrical system will always place a work on the battery, therefore to switch off any unnecessary functions ie. heated seat function turned lower/off once heated
  • Consult your handbook, e.g. for advice about selectable drive modes to use in poor weather, and for any advice about using automatic transmissions
  • Should you experience any unusual noises from the engine, it may be best to stop whenever safely possible, switch off and call us at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd for advice on what to do next
  • If extreme conditions are forecast think about putting a blanket, torch, and shovel in the boot
  • When driving it is advisable to keep a sensible speed and a much greater distance from the vehicle in front
  • Access the driving conditions and allow extra time for your journey.