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NEW UK Number Plate

72 Number Plate now available

As from September 2022, the new release of the 72 number plate is now available and applies to any new vehicles which are registered in the UK up until 28th February 2023.

The new 72 number plate incorporates a series of number plate changes which were bought into effect during 2021.

72 Number Plate Facts

  1. Cracked number plates are a nuisance to drivers and are illegal. To help improve their quality and reduce breakages, the 72 number plate is made from a tougher material which will help them to withstand damage.
  2. Number plates are only available with solid black lettering, as 3D & 4D effects have been banned. This means that ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) such as those used to scan number plates when driving into car parks and through city centre restricted zones, can easily scan the numbers and digits displayed on the number plate.
  3. By law, all new number plates also must display the supplier’s business name and postcode, plus the number plate manufacturer’s name and the new standard.
  4. All new plates will need to meet the British Standard BS AU 145e number.
  5. Following Brexit, they will also need to display GB letters and the Union Jack flag, rather than the EU flag.
  6. Zero Emission vehicles can display a ‘Green Flash’ logo to represent that they are environmentally friendly.
  7. Owner / drivers should note, that failure to display the correct standard number plate or the correct sequence of numbers could result in a MOT Test failure. We always recommend ordering a second set of number plates to be present at the time of a MOT Test if this is the case.

Is your number plate in need of some TLC? Has it become scratched, broken, or chipped and now needs replacing or do you need an extra set of plates for towing? Stourbridge Automotive provide a number plate replacement service to fabricate new number plates, please contact us to make a booking. Don’t forget, you will need to bring, your vehicle logbook and proof of address with you to our workshop on appointment.