Air Conditioning - Audi BMW Mini Mercedes Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover

Air Conditioning

Stourbridge Automotive Ltd technicians are qualified to carry out a complete Air Conditioning servicing on r134a systems and new r1234yf systems.

Our Air Conditioning service package includes recharging, checking of gas levels and the drive belt system.  Our thorough approach has the capability of detecting the smallest of leaks and vacuuming out the system to remove any impurities and moisture.

We recommended that vehicle owners replace the air conditioning system with new gas and lubricant, every 2 years to ensure that the air conditioning unit runs effectively.


  • BMW and BMW Mini now have 100% of their model range using r1234yf gas
  • Audi are beginning to use r1234yf in their model range
  • Mercedes are beginning to use r1234yf in their model range
  • JLR Group – new vehicles to use r1234yf in their model range

To find out more information or to obtain a quote, please contact us with details of the make, model and year of your Audi, BMW, BMW Mini  Mercedes   Jaguar, Land Rover & Range Rover

ECK 1800 (R1234yf) BMW use, Audi and Mercedes are starting to just use

ECK 1800 (R134a) Older models