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Audi Servicing

Audi Servicing Specialists – Stourbridge, West Midlands

Our independent Stourbridge workshop in the West Midlands, is set up to provide Servicing and Repairs for Audi vehicles.

We currently use Autel and BOSCH diagnostic software. This allows our technicians to diagnose any faults reported on customers’ vehicles.

All Audi servicing is carried out to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules.

Servicing Check List

  • Online service history is updated to the Audi digital website, as each service is completed when required
  • We only use genuine Audi and OE (Original Equipment) parts, so as not to compromise on the quality
  • All oils used, are of the correct grade and carry full Audi approval
  • The manufacturer’s mechanical warranty is not affected (conditions apply)
  • Oil filters are changed
  • Engine oil is changed using correct grade oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Service interval indicators are reset according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • All under bonnet fluid levels are checked and topped up
  • Checks are made to all interior, exterior lighting and horn systems
  • Electrical & Electronic checks are carried out throughout the vehicle
  • Checks are made to the condition and the function of each seat belt
  • We endeavour to PRICE MATCH wherever possible

Please contact us for more information.

Please note that Stourbridge Automotive are capable to carry out most Cambelts replacements as an additional service item, worked into the Manufacturers Service Schedule.


Vehicle Manufacturer warranty is NOT affected due to Block Exemption Rules

The Block Exemption Rules within the Motor Industry allows the owner of a vehicle to use an Independent Garage for servicing as long as that garage meets certain criteria.

This criteria is:

  • The garage MUST be VAT registered
  • All servicing MUST be carried out to the Manufactures Service Schedules
  • The garage MUST use genuine or OE parts and approved lubricants.

This DOES NOT affect the vehicles manufactures warranty if the garage abides by these rules.

Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, we operated the business by these rules and include the extra addition of:

  • Updating the manufactures ONLINE SERVICE HISTORY, not specified as a block exemption rule, but we feel it is an important addition to keep the vehicles DIGITAL (online) service history up to date.

We have the capabilities and subscriptions to update the Online Service history in all the Marques we specialise in: Audi | BMW | BMW Mini | Mercedes | Jaguar | Land Rover | Range Rover.

Would you like a hard copy of your vehicle servicing history?

Don’t Forget! As from January 2020, we now supply Stourbridge Automotive Service Books to customers who prefer to keep a hard copy of their vehicle servicing details and history updates. To find out how to buy a paper copy, please visit our service book page.

SA Service Booklet