Autumn Vehicle Checks 2018

Vehicle Autumn Checks - Ensure your car is ready for the season ahead

As we amble into the Autumn season and the darker nights draw in, the UK Autumn season can bring varied weather patterns.  This month our team at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd would like to highlight some of the aspects for the best way to look after your vehicle through the season, so that drivers operate their vehicles safely on the roads.

How to prepare your vehicle for the autumn season

Tyre Tread – Dewey mornings and rainy days causes the roads to be wetter than usual.  Having good tyres is imperative for handling your car safely, especially when breaking.  The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. Call in at Stourbridge Automotive and we can check your tyres and arrange replacements if required.

Headlights – Darker mornings and evenings, rain and foggy days means that driver use their lights a lot more throughout the autumn season.  Check that all your lights are functioning sufficiently by asking someone to observe them whilst you operate them.  This includes front headlights and fog lights, back lights, break lights and indicators.  Replace bulbs immediately where-ever required.  Remember it is an offence to drive without lights, so it is important that they work correctly.

Window Wipers – If you do not feel that your window wipers are cleaning your front windscreen effectively, then they may need the blades replacing.  Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, we have the facility to replace window wiper blades for all Audi, BMW, BMW Mini and Mercedes makes and models.

Screen Wash – During this time of year you can find that you use more screen wash than usual.  Under the bonnet, ensure that your screen wash it is fully topped up to allow you to sufficiently clean your screen, as and when needed.  Please refer to your vehicle manual for how to do this.

Journey Times & Speeding – Allowing extra time to travel from A to B will ensure that you arrive safely and not cause unnecessary incidents with other drivers.  Driving fast in wet weather will only cause an accident.  By slowing down and not using excessive breaking will allow you the driver to handle your vehicle more effectively whilst out on the road.

Book a Service – By having your car regularly serviced by Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, will not only give you peace of mind that your vehicle is running to its best capability, but will also help to iron out any imminent issues.  It is proven that a regular serviced vehicle equals longevity.  If you own an Audi, BMW, BMW Mini or Mercedes then we can help.  Through our service programme we cover many aspects of checking your car, especially under the bonnet.  Our experienced team of technicians are on hand to discuss your requirements and recommend a vehicle service which is suited to you and your vehicle.  For further information please see our vehicle servicing and maintenance page or contact us.

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