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Battery & Battery Issues

Modern batteries

Nowadays, most modern batteries are fully sealed, so the checking of battery acid levels are no longer an issue.

  • If a battery gets to a low state of charge and the vehicle has a Stop/Start function, this may no longer work.
  • Certain vehicles will display Low battery voltage warnings on the instrument cluster (dashboard display)
  • The Time and Date display may default to zero on some vehicles.

Below are some useful suggestions that may prevent these problems occurring:

  • Start your vehicle regularly and run every few days.
  • Run the vehicle outside your property for 10 minutes but always stay within the vehicle whilst the engine is running. Remember that it is illegal to leave a car running un – attended and neither would you want the car stolen as this could affect your insurance.
  • Remove any gadgets such as phone charges and turn off the heaters / air- conditioning and lights off which could be using essential battery energy.
  • If you have one, then use a battery charger or battery conditioner to charge back to its full capacity.

Stourbridge Automotive Ltd offer Battery Conditioners at £88.00 (inc vat). Please contact us to enquire for details