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vehicle service history

The benefits of tracking vehicle service history

For customers who are not aware of our vehicle service book, we would like to let you know that these are available to buy at our Stourbridge Automotive office, if you wish to keep a close eye on your vehicle service history.

Whilst the car marque’s whom we support, all provide online vehicle service history, a paperback book can equally be a great benefit for customers. Not only does it provide a quick access point to double check your car’s service history including vehicle service dates and any maintenance carried out. But should you wish to sell the vehicle, prospective buyers can clearly view any work that has been carried out without having to login to a designated portal.

Vehicle service history facts

Vehicle Service history booklets, clearly display:

  • Records of previous owners, mileage, repairs
  • Evidence that the car has been looked after throughout it’s history
  • Information that it is road worthy and safe
  • Proof that regular routine servicing has been carried out
  • Dates of repairs and what type of work was completed
  • The book is stamped by a verified vehicle workshop and will include their address and a signatory by whom the work was carried out

Tracking down service history information

With the online service history option, it does provide a more consistent record of service history for more recent manufactured vehicles. For those older vehicles, tracking down information from previous services can be more tricky and so it’s important to keep a record of any work previously carried out, including MOT certificates. Workshops may have a record and will be able to provide you with a copy, however with GDPR legislation becoming more significant, workshops may not hold records for very long.

For all your vehicle servicing needs, including MOT Testing and maintenance repairs, please speak to our team, here at Stourbridge Automotive, West Midlands. Furthermore, to find out more about our vehicle service history book and to order your own copy for your AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover or Range Rover, please see our website for more details or get in touch.

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