BG Products – How would you like to save money on fuel? Stourbridge Automotive Ltd can help with this!

BG Products - Saving money on fuel & improving engine performance
  • bg productsPeople like to keep their vehicle clean inside and out but don’t see the effects of a dirty engine.
  • Stourbridge Automotive Ltd can help with this !
  • Look at the information below for BG fuel system cleaner and engine flush
  • We can add fuel treatment to your vehicle for Performance/MPG restore
  • When bringing in your vehicle for an Oil change service, why not have the inside of the engine treated with BG products:
    – EPR Engine Performance Restoration flush
    – Then have the engine oil and oil filter replaced
    – Then the fuel treatment is added in the fuel tank to clean the fuel system
  • BG products offer a money back Guarantee if you are not getting an increase in MPG (when using both products together)bg-fuel-cleaner
  • Guarantee conditions apply- The vehicle needs to be driven at least 500 miles/ Any claim must be within 3 months of purchase
  • Just Mention the BG promotion at the time of booking and take advantage of discounted treatments
  • Fuel treatment additive £24.99 inc vat (Usual price £31.18)
  • Engine flush and fuel treatment combined £39.99 inc vat (Usual price £47.95)
  • More BG products are available enquire for information

BG Products Information