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Brakes and Brake Pad Check by a Qualified Mechanic

Booking a Brakes & Brake Pads check

Booking a brakes and / or brake pads check for your vehicle is paramount to safer driving. With the autumn and winter weather setting in, drivers demand more from their vehicle. Driving on wet and silted roads means that our vehicles need to respond better and more quickly.

Furthermore, when driving in the dark, response times often need to be quicker, as drivers don’t always see obstructions as early on as they would during the daylight. Drivers should also note that stopping distances during declining weather conditions should be further away from the car in front, to allow time to brake safely. All of this has an impact on the cars’ brake systems and so making sure that they are in tip top condition is important.

Mechanical impact

From a mechanical perspective, brakes and brake pads form the disc brake system. It is recommended that brakes and brake pads are replaced every 80,000 miles or when they show visible signs of wear and tear. Failure to replace them could result in the replacement of the rotors and callipers, being far more costly.

Brakes & brake pad check with Stourbridge Automotive

By booking a brakes and / or brake pads check with Stourbridge Automotive, our AudiBMWMINIMercedesJaguarLand Rover & Range Rover customers have peace of mind that their vehicle is safe to drive in all weathers. We only use either genuine or OE (original equipment) parts, and all our work is checked and tested before the vehicle leaves our workshop.

Don’t forget that when your vehicle has the brakes and brake pads changed or upgraded, it is recommended that you allow the parts a short time to ‘bed-in’. To find out more about brakes and brakes pad checks, plus information on other types of mechanical repairs available, then please get in touch.