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second-hand car Christmas present

Buying a second-hand car as a Christmas present – Here is what to consider

Hooray its nearly Christmas! If you are planning on buying a second-hand car as a Christmas present or treating yourself to an Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover & Range Rover vehicle upgrade for 2020, here are some aspects to consider and what to look out for when buying a used car.

Look at the Bodywork – This can offer clues as to if the second-hand car has been involved in a previous accident. If there are any obvious dents or if the paint work looks different to the rest of the vehicle then there may be some vehicle history that you will need to investigate further. Clean good condition paintwork or in contrast scratched paintwork also indicates how well the owner has looked after and taken care of the vehicle.

Check the mileage – Buying a lower mileage second-hand car is often better as they are less likely to require so much maintenance.  Higher mileage vehicles may mean that parts are going to need replacing rather quickly and so whilst you may have bought the vehicle at a bargain price initially, you may need to be prepared to spend more on the vehicle in the longer run.

Review previous MOT test results – Ask the seller to show any previous MOT test certificates related to the second-hand car. Check that the test dates run consecutively and look at the previous work that has been carried out over the last 3 years to understand its history. This will indicate what might need doing in the future but could also flag up any concerns.  The MOT test certificate advisories are also good to check to review what the MOT test centre has highlighted as future improvement recommendations.  To find out more or if you would like to book an MOT Test for your Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover & Range Rover, please contact our team at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd for more details.

Book an immediate vehicle service with Stourbridge Automotive Ltd – Specialising in servicing for Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover & Range Rover, our experienced workshop team is on hand to service vehicles to a high standard. Our team only use genuine and OE (Original Equipment) parts, so as not to compromise on parts quality.  All oils used, are correct grade and carry full manufacturer’s approval, whilst our servicing procedure is carried out to the manufacturer’s service schedule, as a minimum standard and the manufacturer’s warranty is not affected (as long as conditions above are carried out).  In addition, we offer a used-car-inspection service for those who would like a full review and second opinion before making a purchase, to find out more please speak to our team.

If you are considering buying a second-hand car this season, such as an Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover & Range Rover, please contact our vehicle service team at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd or see our used car inspection and service and maintenance website pages for further details.

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