Time to showcase your car in the summer sun with an AC Schnitzer upgrade

AC Schnitzer upgrade - Time to showcase your car in the summer sun
AC Schnitzer upgrade

The sun is finally here, which means its time to show off an AC Schnitzer upgrade.

Driving your pride and joy on the open road can be such an exhilarating experience, especially when the sun is shining, and the weather is warm. Taking a drive on a late summer evening, meeting with friends or visiting a new place on the weekend, makes for a great opportunity to jump in your car and head out.

AC Schnitzer Upgrade by Stourbridge Automotive

This summer Stourbridge Automotive are encouraging BMWMINI, Jaguar, & Range Rover vehicle owners to go for a new vehicle upgrade and make heads turn with some of our fabulous AC Schnitzer modifications. Inspired direct from the racetrack and by German motorsport, AC Schnitzer offers performance, tuning and styling transformations for BMWMINI, Jaguar, & Range Rover vehicles. Here are just some of the options available:

AC Schnitzer Upgrade Styling includes – enhancements to bodywork, sports exhausts and tailpipes, alloy wheel sets, adjustments to suspension and the addition of interior accessories.

AC Schnitzer Upgrade Performance offers – improvements to aerodynamics, opportunity to improve performance without paying for a higher tax bracket vehicle, an additional ECU without tampering with the existing vehicle’s ECU.

AC Schnitzer Upgrade Tuning provides – changes in both performance and fuel economy, up to a 20% increase in power is typical, vehicles may also see an improvement in fuel consumption.

To find out more about enhancing your car this summer, please contact our AC Schnitzer upgrade team who have plenty of knowledge and experience in the world of AC Schnitzer performance, tuning and styling for BMWMINI, Jaguar, & Range Rover vehicles or see our AC Schnitzer website page including a full brochure for more details.