Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend

The team at Stourbridge Automotive would like to wish everyone a wonderful Platinum Jubilee Weekend Closed for Bank holiday – Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June Re-open as normal on Monday 6th June 2022

Fuel economising is a priority for many drivers

getting the most from fuel economising

For many vehicle drivers and business owners, fuel economising has become an even higher priority since the severe price hikes on both petrol and diesel here in the UK. With diesel now costing around 178.4p, the price hike has wiped out the chancellors recent cut in fuel duty, according to a recent article by skynews.com […]

Going on holiday this year? Read our travel tips for driving in the hotter weather

driving in hotter weather

Travelling in hotter weather can be tiring so it’s important that drivers make a little preparation before embarking on any big journeys. With our UK weather warming up to record temperatures over the coming summer months, (we have been told!) there is some essential information to consider when looking after your Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes Jaguar, Land Rover or Range Rover vehicles. What to consider when […]

The benefits of tracking vehicle service history

vehicle service history

For customers who are not aware of our vehicle service book, we would like to let you know that these are available to buy at our Stourbridge Automotive office, if you wish to keep a close eye on your vehicle service history. Whilst the car marque’s whom we support, all provide online vehicle service history, […]

Our Engine ECU Remapping can improve fuel economy

Engine ECU Remapping - Improves performance

With the prices of fuel drastically rising, why not consider our engine ECU remapping service in the West Midlands area, for your Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes Jaguar, Land Rover or Range Rover, vehicles? We are all too aware of the fuel price hikes over the recent month, and with higher prices set to stay for some time now, UK vehicle owner / drivers […]

Female Focus Service for Women across the West Midlands

female focus service for women driver / owners

To celebrate Mother’s Day this month on the 27th of March, our team at Stourbridge Automotive are highlighting our female focus service which is available to female divers / owners. Sometimes stepping into an automotive workshop can be a daunting experience for women, however at Stourbridge Automotive based here in the West Midlands, we aim […]