Driving Abroad – What are the new EU Rules in 2021?

Driving Abroad

Over the coming months you maybe planning a trip into Europe, if you are thinking of driving abroad, it is vital that you bring yourself up to date with the latest legislation. This has recently changed during 2021, since the introduction of Brexit. Some rules have now been updated and so being prepared before you […]

The new 71 plate is out now

71 plate

As from the 1st September 2021, the new 71 plate is now available. This exciting news for car buyers who are looking to purchase the latest model of Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes Jaguar, Land Rover & Range Rover vehicles. For cars registered before this date but still during 2021, they will display the 21 plate. Each year the UK DVLA releases two […]

Re-charging your car with Electric

Re-charging your car - electric charge point

With the shift to driving electric vehicles as opposed to Petrol and Diesel cars, the UK government are rapidly implementing charge points across the UK so that re-charging your car will become far easier. Re-charging your car at convenience rather than just from home, we will start to see a more sustainable infrastructure for the […]

Going on Holiday? Book a UK Air Conditioning Service

UK Air Conditioning Service

With our British summer weather anticipated to warm up again over the following weeks, now is the right time to book a UK Air Conditioning Service with Stourbridge Automotive for your vehicle before you embark on a long journey. There is nothing worse than sitting in a hot and stuffy car for a long period of […]

Getting the best out of vehicle fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency vehicle engine

According to the RAC, during 2019 the UK’s average new car fuel efficiency and consumption was measured at 49.2 miles-per-gallon for petrol engines, at 5.7 litres per 100km and 55.4 miles-per-gallon for diesel engines at 5.1 litres per 100km. An increase of 45% for petrol vehicles and 38% increase for diesel vehicles since an earlier […]