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Checking Your Vehicle Safety This Summer

Hooray! The holidays are nearly upon us and whilst you make your final plans before setting off on your travels, it is worth thinking about vehicle safety and how well it is maintained and serviced.

Whether travelling in the UK or out into Europe, no one wants to break down on a journey and especially with the family on board and so this month Stourbridge Automotive Ltd has put a few simple vehicle safety checks together to put your car on the right track.

  1. Make a tyre check – Refer to your user manual for your tyre pressure and alter accordingly and check that the tread is sufficient enough. Both evaluations could prevent a blow out, safe guard braking power and save money on fuel on long journeys.
  2. Test your brakes – When travelling at higher speeds, response time on braking is imperative. Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, we assess and service vehicle brakes on behalf of customers to ensure they are competent.
  3. Check your Oil – With your car parked on a flat surface, check your oil with a clean dipstick and make sure that the oil gauge level displays between the two markers. Top up if necessary and refer to your manual for the type of oil that the vehicle engine will require.
  4. Top up the water – Although summertime should mean less dirty residue from the roads, instead the flies and insect will be out! Regularly cleaning of your windscreen will help to keep visibility clear so ensure that your water and screen wash is topped up.
  5. Book a service Book a service with Stourbridge Automotive Ltd. We provide Audi servicing, BMW servicing, BMW MINI servicing and Mercedes servicing which includes a full vehicle safety check, covering changing the oil filter, performing electrical and electronics tests, checking the interior & exterior lights, testing the seat belt functionality plus much more. To find out more, please speak to our vehicle service team or see our website for more details.
  6. Review your documents – Ensure that your driving license has a valid date, your insurance documents haven’t expired and that you have a valid MOT test certificate.  If driving abroad, check that you have the correct documents including valid passports.
  7. Preparation is key – Checking and double checking that everything is satisfactory in terms of both your vehicle and documents will ensure a pleasant journey and a great holiday!

For more information about looking after your Audi, BMW, BMW MINI or Mercedes please contact our service team at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, or see our servicing and maintenance website pages for more details.