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kings coronation day

Classic British Cars and the King’s Coronation

Saturday 6th May marked a monumental day in British history, when King Charles III was crowned the King of England and his wife Camilla became Queen.

Throughout the day, our eyes were filled with a magnificent array of crowns, gowns, dresses, and suits, all styled by some of the most well known fashion designers from across the globe. To complement the day and extravagant pageantry, King Charles & Camilla left the coronation ceremony in the ‘State Gold Coach’, a classic carriage which was originally built in 1762 and has since been used at every coronation from 1831.

Iconic British car brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover and the MINI, have often played a significant part in royal duties.

The Land Rover and Range Rover were the Queen’s ultimate favourite vehicles to drive throughout many decades of her life. More recently, it is understood that King Charles III was one of the first members of the royal family to buy an all-electric Jaguar car – the I-Pace in a unique ‘one-off’ colour. Whilst younger Princess Beatrice has been seen behind the wheel of her favourite MINI Cooper.

Jaguar XK8 lights up Coronation Day

Also to commemorate this year’s Coronation Day, an ex-soldier, Mike Barnett, from Rowley Regis, West Midlands, turned heads by upgrading his Jaguar XK8 into a Union flag. Loaded with flags and coronation memorabilia, his plan was to drive into London as near as possible, to hand out gifts to Coronation gatherers, according to Birmingham Live –

The classic Jaguar XK8 originally manufactured in 1996, was wrapped in ‘Vivid Vinyl graphics’ making up the design of the Union Jack flag in red, white & blue.

Picture Credit: Image taken from Birmingham Live Video.

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