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Clean Air Zone Birmingham Roads

Clean Air Zone Birmingham – What does it mean for drivers?

The UK government’s Clean Air Zone is now implemented in central Birmingham as from the 1st June 2021. This means that vehicles driving into Birmingham which were manufactured before 2015 will now have to pay a daily charge to drive into the city.

The Clear Air Zone has been enforced to improve the air quality within the city area and reduce the impact of vehicle emissions.

The designated Clean Air Zone area includes all roads within the Birmingham A4540 Middleway Ring Road, but not the ring road itself, plus all A38 tunnels.

The cost is £8.00 per day and can be paid up to 6 days in advance, on the day, or up to 6 days after the visit. Failure to pay could result in a fine of £120.00.

To find out if your vehicle qualifies for the charge and how to pay the daily charge, please visit the GOV.UK website Clean Air Zone vehicle checker – Here you will be asked to submit your vehicle registration number to ascertain whether it qualifies for the charge.

Did you know, there are other ways to help improve clean air across the UK?

Improving your vehicle’s impact on the environment could help to reduce your footprint and decrease emissions when driving.  It can also improve performance and save on fuel costs.

  1. Check that your tyre pressures are correct
  2. Use good quality fuel
  3. Turn the engine off when stationary for idle periods of time
  4. Avoid hard acceleration
  5. Drive a little slower
  6. Book an air conditioning service
  7. Book a vehicle service to include an oil change
  8. Remove the roof rack
  9. Replace your vehicle with a later model. Cars manufactured after 2015 were built with more focus on reduced emissions and so therefore won’t be require tariff charge in Birmingham’s Green Zone.

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