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Behind the car wheel - positive driving resolutions

Creating Positive Driving Resolutions

Sometimes we can all be a bit sloppy when it comes to our attitude towards driving, and it is easy to get into bad driving habits especially if we have been driving for a long time.

Whilst many driving habits can be forgiving, there could be a particular error or situation which may lead to a more serious incident, that could have been avoided. No driver or passenger wants to experience a road accident and so this month we are looking at ‘Good Driving’ to ensure that our customers stay safe.

What can we consider when making our driving habits, a New Year’s Resolution?

  1. Plan your journey – By taking a few minutes to decide on your route before leaving will give you a clear driving plan.
  2. Drive more careful – Slowing down is key to better driving. By taking your time when you pull up to a junction or roundabout for instance, will help you make clear decisions about how to take your next manoeuvre safely.
  3. Leave space between yourself and the car in front – Leaving extra space will allow plenty of breaking time to stop your vehicle, should the car in front need to break suddenly preventing an accident, during days when the roads are particularly wet.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings – Crossing pedestrians, motor bike riders and cyclists, or even animals, can all appear from nowhere. Be alert and recognise that there may be hazards ahead, especially where there are parked cars or where the visibility is poor. Take your time and be aware of what is around you.
  5. Don’t compete – Whilst another driver might present bad driving habits, you don’t have to! Let them go past and free your mindset to be a good driver.

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