Customer takes part in BG Products trial on 9th Nov 2017

BG Products - Our customer, took part in a trial on 9th Nov 2017

bg-products logoMr M. agreed to trial the product for us, we carried out a service to his car, which included a BG Engine Performance Restoration flush – new oil- new oil filter- BG 44K Fuel system cleaner added to the fuel in the fuel tank.

 BG – Products feedback 23rd Nov 2017

He drives a Mercedes C180 petrol engine car, noticed a 2.5 mpg improvement on fuel economy over the last two weeks. The trial was conducted over his regular long distance journeys.

The customer also noticed an improvement in response when accelerating and an overall the engine idle seems to have improved and running smoother.

We were pleased with the overall result of this BG Products trial and would be confident in recommending this latest product when servicing the vehicle, to all our customers OFFER PRICE £39.99 inc vat

OFFER PRICE £24.99 – fuel treatment only not requiring a service
Suitable for both diesel and petrol engines.
Please enquire for details 01383 377792 or email

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