Parts Policy - Customer Supplied Parts Policy

Customer Supplied Parts Policy

Recently, at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, we have been asked the following question,

“Would you fit parts, if I supplied them?”

We wanted to be able to explain in a little more depth and be transparent about our decision as to why we do not fit ‘Customer Supplied Parts’, in order to help our customers understand the reason behind this business decision.

  • It has always been our decision not to work in this way, as there can be customer ‘come backs’ when these types of parts are fitted. They could be inferior, counterfeit parts, especially when ordered from the Internet through an unknown supplier. In this case, we would then have to refit the provided part again with another product which we would recommend and possibly at a cost to the business.
  • If a ‘Customer Supplied Part’ is faulty, the part then has to go back to where it was bought or the part may also have to go through a warranty which can be a lengthy process. This can leave the vehicle dormant in Stourbridge Automotive Ltd’s workshop, without being able to be moved or having work completed.  This does not make business sense and can affect the turnover if this is a regular occurrence.
  • Stourbridge Automotive Ltd only use Genuine or OE (Original Equipment) where we can guarantee the parts from our trusted suppliers. If a part that we use is not fit for purpose, our suppliers are quick to respond by replacing any faulty part, therefore, minimising the time wasted and disruption to our business.
  • Finally, there can be serious insurance implications too, where by garages who fit counterfeit parts can be held liable in the event of serious injury or even death, even if unknowingly fitting faulty products.  Increasingly, consumers are now asking garages to fit their own ‘cheaper’ parts in a bid to save money, but the Government recommends garages should be reluctant to fit them to protect themselves and their customer.
  • Motor traders should all have employers, public and product liability insurance policies in place.
    – Employers liability covers claims for damages made by employees.
    – Public liability will protect against claims made for damages by the public.
    – Product liability will protect against claims made because of product issues or faults.

We never intend to offend customers who use our workshop and this is why we feel it is important for us to fully explain the reasons for refusing ‘Customer Supplied Parts’ when asked to fit them. It is also now becoming more common practice within the automotive industry to operate in this way, mainly due to the increase on the market of counterfeit parts being available to buy – We thank you for your understanding.