Driving Abroad This Summer

Driving Abroad This Summer - How to make a safe journey
Driving Abroad in Open-Top Car

With the UK summer weather reaching the highest temperatures ever recorded, heading out and driving abroad this year is inevitably going to be even hotter. If you are planning on driving abroad this summer, Stourbridge Automotive can offer some helpful tips for planning your journey and driving safely.

Top Tips for Driving Abroad

  1. Road worthy condition – Check that the vehicle is roadworthy by reviewing vehicle servicing history and checking that the MOT test is valid. Address any MOT advisories to make sure that the car is running to its best performance to prevent any further escalating damage.
  2. Carry out a tyre review – Tyre blow-outs are a regular hazard on motorways, especially when cars are travelling at higher speeds and in hotter Test the condition of tyres and check their pressure to make sure they are suitable for the journey by referring to your vehicle manual.
  3. Research the journey – Plan your route and where you anticipate on stopping. Make sure that there are safe places to stop with facilities. Estimate the mileage so you understand how much fuel you will need and leave plenty of time for travelling to ferry queues.
  4. Carry the correct documentation – Make sure that passports are in date and that vehicle insurance is valid. Gather up a document pack which includes valid passports, driving license and insurance certificate. You’ll also need to display the new ‘UK’ sticker (not GB since Brexit). Find out about any other further requirements for driving abroad by accessing the UK government website – https://www.gov.uk/driving-abroad
  5. Take regular breaks – Driving through Europe can often mean long hours behind the wheel. Take regular stops to have a rest and re-hydrate.
  6. Know what to carry in the event of a breakdown – Carry a warning triangle and high visibility-vests for everyone onboard. It is a legal requirement in France and failure to do so, could result in a hefty fine.
  7. Prepare for the heat – With the weather hotter than ever, it is essential that you carry lots of water and extra fluids. Keep the car cool by turning on the air-conditioning and park in the shade wherever you can. Finally, don’t ever leave pets in the car, even with the windows open, as they can severely overheat.

For more information on vehicle maintenance and servicing in preparation for driving abroad, please get in touch with Stourbridge Automotive. We provide a range of vehicle support options from vehicle servicing for AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover or Range Rover vehicle repairs, air-conditioning checks and MOT Tests. Contact us to enquire now.