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Couple sharing Christmas presents, sitting in car boot.

Driving Safely This Christmas Time

Over the coming weeks, we are all looking forward to enjoying the Christmas festivities. The Christmas season gives us all a valuable opportunity to pause on the work schedules, take a break and spend time with family and friends. If you are planning some visiting throughout the Christmas holidays, then being safe when sitting behind the wheel, is extremely important and so this month, we are highlighting the importance of driving safely.

Driving Safely Top Tips

If you are planning to get out and about this Christmas season, here are our top tips:

Holiday Driving – Driving to a holiday destination or to see friends and family, can mean taking longer journeys on roads which you are not always familiar with. Before embarking on a journey, make sure that you are clear of the route, avoid busy times of the day when traffic can be more congested and be careful of specific road speed limits and clean air zone charges.

Inclement Weather – Throughout the Winter season, the UK weather can easily catch us out! One day it is sunny and then the next it can snow. Make sure that yourself and your vehicle is fully prepared for the icy / snowy weather. Check that the tyre tread is within the recommended limit, carry a de-icer spray and check that there is enough screen wash. Make sure that you have blankets and fluids inside the vehicle, in case you breakdown or bad weather conditions occur.

Driving in the Dark – For some drivers, driving in the dark can feel like an unpleasant experience. If you are one of those people, then the best advice is to be mindful of your journey time and ensure that you have plenty of time to arrive at your destination in the daylight. All drivers should check their headlights, rear lights, and indicator lights, to ensure that all bulbs are functioning correctly and the lights themselves are clean from any dirt. Finally, when braking, allow extra time for your stopping distance, to reduce the likelihood of any accident.

Drink Driving – At Christmas, it is always a temptation to have a few drinks. Did you know that even one glass can put you over the limit, never mind the accidents which it could cause! The best advice is to avoid drinking all together, if you know that you will need to drive afterwards. If you are having a drink, then please choose an alternative option.

Vehicle Checks and Servicing – The Christmas holidays can provide a valued timeframe to give your vehicle a thorough check. Be mindful for when MOT and Servicing is due with Stourbridge Automotive in 2024. Give the vehicle a good wash, both inside and out, and check the oil levels to ensure that it is within the recommended limit. Check other functionalities, such as brakes and brake pads and the battery, to ensure that everything is up to date and operating to its best quality, ready for your Christmas travelling and journeys.

With all that in mind, your vehicle will be prepared for a safe Merry Christmas, with thanks from the team at Stourbridge Automotive 😊