Engine ECU Remapping at its best!

Engine ECU Remapping at its best! - Stourbridge Automotive Ltd

You may have heard of engine remapping but perhaps wondered what it entails in terms of the modification of your car?

Over recent years the commissioning of engine ECU Remapping has become a popular choice for vehicle owners who wish to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of their car.  Engine ECU remapping is carried out by controlling the vital functions of the car’s computer, sometimes referred to as the ‘little black box’ or the brain of the car. When the car leaves the factory it is often the case that the car’s computer will be set to factory default settings in order to meet economy and efficiency targets or product planning objectives which often results in the car being muted from its full potential in terms of power and potential.

For those that would like to tweak and exceed the standard set-up so that the vehicle handles better on the road, applying an engine ECU remap is often a viable option.  When an engine ECU remap is applied to petrol cars, typically the power is increased by 20% and the torque is increased by 25%.  Whilst in diesel cars, the power is increased by 25% and the torque increases to 30%. Both fuel types will also see improvement in driver handling, fuel economy and throttle response.

Don’t be tempted by DIY Engine ECU Remapping options!

Warning! Whilst some may be tempted to carry out this process by using budget options available on the market, it is always highly recommended that car owners use a specially trained engine ECU remapping company such as Stourbridge Automotive Ltd to carry out the engine ECU remap process.  Not knowing and understanding the full process of engine ECU Remapping or using the wrong technology and untested equipment could result in long term damage to the vehicle.

Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd we offer a full vehicle remap service for all of our supported car brands which include engine ECU Remapping for Audi, BMW, BMW Mini and Mercedes. To find out more please see our ECU remapping website page or contact us to speak to one of our vehicle ECU Remapping technicians.