What to do following a driving accident

What to do following a driving accident
driving accident

Being involved in a driving accident can be the most frightening ordeal, no matter how minor the event. Just the shock of a crash can send drivers into a mind numbing experience of uncertainty as to how to cope or react in these circumstances.

We hope that the situation will never happen to you, but if it does, then here is some useful information which may help you.

First steps following a driving accident

  1. Stop the car immediately or drive to safe area on the side of the road, if possible, to prevent a build-up of traffic and switch the engine off.
  2. Turn hazard lights on to alert other drivers to drive carefully around your vehicle.
  3. Check that yourself and fellow passengers are ok. Check for injury’s – if anyone is seriously injured, then call for an ambulance immediately.

Documenting a driving accident

  1. Take photos at the scene of the accident and any damage caused to your vehicle. Also take photos of other vehicles involved to support your case and to prevent false claims.
  2. Note down the date and time of the accident, weather and driving conditions, plus any other information which will help to detail the scene.
  3. Write down the make and model of other cars involved in the accident plus any damage to their vehicle.
  4. Ask for names and addresses of other driver/s
  5. Exchange insurance information of the other driver/s
  6. Capture any witnesses contact details who saw the road traffic accident take place.
  7. Inform your insurers of the incident immediately, even if there was no obvious impact to your car or, whether or not you intend to make a claim.

Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Do not run from the scene of a driving accident. Under UK Road Traffic Act legislation, it is an offence to drive away from the scene of a driving accident.
  2. Do not lose your temper or argue with the other driver/s. The situation will already most likely be tense, so try to stay calm.
  3. Do not admit responsibility or apologise, it may affect your defence in a claim or your right to claim compensation.
  4. Do notify the police immediately and especially if the collision is blocking the road.
  5. Do notify the police if the other driver does not have insurance.
  6. Do ensure that you exchange information with other driver/s.

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