Fuel economising is a priority for many drivers

Fuel economising is a priority for many drivers
getting the most from fuel economising

For many vehicle drivers and business owners, fuel economising has become an even higher priority since the severe price hikes on both petrol and diesel here in the UK. With diesel now costing around 178.4p, the price hike has wiped out the chancellors recent cut in fuel duty, according to a recent article by skynews.com

With prices not set to reduce for some time and further to this could even see higher rises, for drivers its crucial that we evaluate how we can economise on fuel and help the tank consumption last that just little bit longer, to help towards the monthly running costs.

Fuel economising methods

These helpful fuel economising methods can aid to reduce fuel consumption, here are our recommendations:

Inflate tyres – Under inflated tyres use more fuel to run the car. Check that tyre pressures are set to the correct pressure by referring to your manufacturer’s manual.

Remove unnecessary weight – Top boxes and roof racks push up the weight of the vehicle, which then needs more fuel to generate power. If you are not going on holiday, then remove any excessive weight to make the vehicle lighter.

Slow down – Harsh breaking and acceleration uses extra fuel and so does driving fast. By slowing down your vehicle will consume less fuel and will help aid safer driving.

Avoid travelling at busy times – Driving at busy times during the day, means the car engine is running but without moving very far. Not only is this bad for the environment but it also means that you are burning un-necessary fuel. Pick times of the day or routes which mean that you won’t be sitting in traffic.

Shop around for fuel – Fuel can vary in price across different fuel stations. Use an app or refer to a website such as https://www.petrolprices.com/ to find the cheapest fuel in your area.

Apply fuel treatment – Applying a fuel treatment to your vehicle’s fuel tank not only cleans the engine but also improve fuel efficiency. Find out more about BG products and our fuel treatment service through Stourbridge Automotive.

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