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Fuel prices are at all time high so how can you improve fuel efficiency?

As petrol prices hike up yet again, here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd we offer an alternative option to those drivers who are looking to improve their fuel efficiency.

In a recent statement by the Chancellor Phillip Hammond, he hinted that he could scrap the eight-year freeze on fuel duty in this autumn’s 2018 Budget, informing MPs that the impact of the current fuel policy must be “looked at again”.

This comes as annoying news to drivers, who have already endured rises in fuel costs which have continued to increase for the tenth successive week running this year and subsequently prices are now hitting an all time high in four years.

Our suggestions to improve fuel efficiency

Drive Less! – Whilst these days driving can still often be cheaper than using public transport.  Switching to a push bike or walking to get to work could save you up to £3000 a year according to a recent article by – How much money does cycling save you?

Car Share – Local councils are now offering incentive schemes and several online website and smartphone apps are connecting people who would like to share the cost of their weekly fuel cost, especially when travelling too and from work. Car sharing with a work college is not only a great way to decrease fuel consumption but also enjoy some friendly company on the way.

Drive Slower – According to the Department of Transport “A car speeding at 80mph uses 10% more fuel than one cruising at 70mph”.  It seems that British drivers are taking in heed of this!  In a recent survey by the AA, of the 15,000 drivers who took part, 59% said that they would think about slowing down if it saved them some money.

Invest in an Engine Fuel Treatment – Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, we are certified sellers for BG products and can offer a range of products, individually suited to your car and your requirements.

From just £31.95 (incl. vat) we can restore your vehicles engine capability to nearly ‘good as new’.  Adding a BG fuel treatment to your engine will not only clean the mechanical parts of the engine but also improve the overall performance of the car and increases its fuel efficiency.

Consider an ECU Remap – For the ultimate option in fuel efficiency, why not book your vehicle in for our ECU remapping service?  Not only will it reduce your fuel consumption, you will also gain the added benefit of a more finely tuned car with a greater throttle response when driving.

For more information about the services that Stourbridge Automotive Ltd can offer in terms of improving fuel efficiency, please speak to our team today.  Our experienced technicians are on hand to discuss your suggestions and explain the options available to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Alternatively, please find out more on our website:

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