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Getting the best from your Air Conditioning System this summer

Finally summer is here for the UK and what better way to enjoy the beautiful sunny and warm days, than getting in your car and launching up your Air Conditioning system to go out for the day or set off on a well earned holiday.

There’s nothing worse than getting into a hot and stuffy car, but at least nowadays with majority of vehicles now having in-built Air Conditioning systems, we are able to cool down much quicker.

This month we are focusing on Air Conditioning systems and how to ensure they operate to the best of their ability whilst not becoming too costly to run.  Here are some top tips:

  1. Try to park your vehicle in a shaded area when leaving it standing to keep it cooler or if leaving it for the day, then park it where you know it’ll be shaded during the afternoon as this will help to cool down the car before you return.  Starting up your Air Conditioning system in a cooler car will me that it doesn’t take so much energy to achieve the correct cooler temperature.
  2. Use screen visors – These also help to shade the car from the hot sun and reduce the temperature inside whilst stationery for long periods of time.
  3. Open the doors and ventilate the car.  Again by cooling the car initially will mean that the Air Conditioning system doesn’t have to work quite so hard. By opening the doors, windows and the boot lid will allow the air to circulate before you get in the car.
  4. Be patient with the Air Conditioning system!  It is best to gradually achieve the correct temperature rather than immediately putting the system into full blast.  Allowing it to boost up in a low mode and then altering to the desired cool level will reach it more effectively.
  5. Once you are happy that the car is cool enough, switch on to re-circulation mode to re-circulate the cool air within the car, rather than drawing in warm air from outside that will continually have to be cooled.
  6. Turn off the AC shortly before you arrive at your destination and leave the fan running on a medium setting.  This will allow the air conditioning system to naturally cool and dry out the evaporator and surroundings to prevent a build up damp conditions, bacteria and strange smells in the vehicle.
  7. Book your Air Conditioning system with Stourbridge Automotive Ltd for a maintenance check. Through our AC maintenance service package and a thorough approach in our investigation, we provide a recharging service, check the gas levels and drive belt system.  Our service team will detect the smallest of leaks and vacuum out the system to remove any impurities and moisture.  We recommended that vehicle owners replace the Air Conditioning system with new gas and lubricant every 2 years.

We provide both R1234YF Gas for vehicles made in 2018 and after, plus R134A gas which is suitable for vehicles over 3 years old.  For more information please see our Air Conditioning system page under specialist work to book in a service for your Audi, BMW, BMW MINI or Mercedes please contact us.

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