It’s getting chilly out there! How can you protect your windscreen?

It’s getting chilly out there! How can you protect your windscreen? » Stourbridge Automotive Ltd - Audi | BMW | MINI | Mercedes | Jaguar | Land Rover | Range Rover
defrosting a windscreen

With the mornings becoming much colder, there is a greater chance of frost and ice, especially covering your car windscreen. This November Stourbridge Automotive are sharing some top tips to protect your windscreen and keep it frost free.

Prevention – If you are aware that there is going to be a frost overnight, then covering or shielding your windscreen will add immediate protection from the weather. Parking the car, facing the house, or covering with a specialist widescreen cover or some paper such as wallpaper lining/newspaper will reduce the likelihood of frost forming on the windscreen.

Hot water is a big no! – However, tempting it maybe, DO NOT boil a kettle to tip over your windscreen to defrost the ice. Tipping boiling hot water over your windscreen could crack the glass, especially if the screen already has a chip or small crack.

Do not leave the car unattended – Turning your car engine on to warm it up and then popping back inside the house is also a big ‘no, no’ for several reasons. First, it is illegal and could result in you the driver being fined by the police – Drivers should not leave cars unattended with the engine running. Secondly, it is widely recognised as an attractive opportunity for car thieves, who unbeknown to you, could be lying in wait ready to steel your car.

Defrosting a windscreen, the correct way

Turning on Air-ConditioningTurning on your air conditioning does not have to be just for the hot summer months! It is a great method to defrost the glass, as the dry air can help to keep the screen mist free. This is not only ideal for clearing the screen quickly, but also helps to keep your air-conditioning system running and stops it from seizing up throughout the winter.

Open the windows – By opening the windows slightly, it will exchange the air inside the car with the air outside to stabilise the all-round temperature behind and in front of the glass.

Use a cloth or pad – Use a lint-free cloth or pad to wipe the windows. Do not use your hands to wipe as the oils in your skin will transfer onto the screen and leave a mark.

De-icers – There are plenty of di-icers on the market to buy, which are quick and easy to use in conjunction with the above, though scrapers can be abrasive and damage windscreens if not used carefully.

Check your wipers – Make sure that your windscreen wipers are turned off, especially in thicker frost or snowy days. Leaving your wipers on without the ability for them to move because they are frozen, could result in burning out the motor which will further lead to further vehicle repair.

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