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Hiring a car for your summer holiday? What to plan!

With the school holidays just around the corner, many UK nationals are beginning to prepare for a week or more on holiday. If you are planning on hiring a car whilst you are spending time at a resort, it is important to understand which documentation you will need so that you don’t get caught out when trying to hire a car.

To hire a car abroad it is important that you carry certain documents with you, so that you are certified to drive when hiring a car from a hire car company.

Information to take

Check before and please ensure that you take the following with you:

  1. A valid photocard driving license – Your photocard driving license should include an up-to-date UK address; your photo and should display a valid issue and expiry date.
  2. Insurance – Check that you have valid driving insurance and that it covers you for the country(s) which you plan to drive in. Before Brexit, insurance for driving abroad was often automatically included in car insurance policies. However, this has now changed and so drivers are urged to double check their policy to make sure that they have the correct cover in place.
  3. Country requirements – Some countries operate specific requirements and restrictions for driving abroad. Please follow this link on the UK government website to research individual country requirements and so that you fully prepare yourself for driving abroad –
  4. A credit card – Car hire companies like to take a deposit from a credit card to cover the company, should you become liable for any costs incurred through accidental damage. Make sure that the card you take is valid, with at least a balance of £1000 to cover any costs.

What to check

Once you receive your hire car it is important to carry out some recommended checks before you leave the forecourt, these include:

  1. Scratches & Dents – Examine the car for any minor scratches or dents and take photos. The photos can be recorded as evidence should the hire company try to make a claim against you following your hire period.
  2. Fuel & Milage – Take a photo of the dashboard which includes the milage and the fuel gauge. Some hire companies will require the vehicle to be re-filled before it is returned and others may restrict your milage, so this will allow you to keep track of the measurements.
  3. Respect the vehicle – Whilst it is great to relax and enjoy your holiday, remember that you don’t own the vehicle and that you could be liable for any damage. Treat the vehicle with respect and try to keep it clean so that you can’t be accountable for any negligence.

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