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How ADAS is improving car and road safety

According to the UK government year ending report for June 2018 – Personal injury accident and casualty statistics on public roads in Great Britain, the UK statistics revealed that there were 1,770 reported road deaths, a phenomenal 26,610 people were either killed or seriously injured with a total of 165,100 casualties of all severities reported.  Whilst this is an extremely high number, the total number of casualties did see a decrease of 6% last year.

Globally, road traffic injuries are now the leading killer of young people aged 5-29 years and so the World Health Organisation has called for drastic action in order to save future lives.

In an attempt to reduce the number of unfortunate accidents and fatalities, modern vehicles are increasingly being fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in an effort to increase both car and road safety.

How does ADAS equipment work?

ADAS is an electronic system which aids a driver whilst driving. The system is developed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems to increase safety and improve driving.

ADAS offers control over the driving experience including electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and traction control.

Using the vehicle’s wheel alignment, the ADAS system records data from the vehicle as it drives and can determine its correct position on the road.

Wheel alignment should be checked regularly and especially once new tyres are fitted, or when suspension work is carried out to ensure that the vehicle alignment meets safety requirements.

Where can I get my Wheel Alignment checked?

Please contact our team at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd to find out more about getting your ADAS checked.  As part of our future plans, later this year Stourbridge Automotive Ltd is looking to introduce our NEW wheel alignment service directly from our Stourbridge Automotive Ltd workshop.  As part of the ADAS functionality, the wheel alignment service will enable our technicians to check suspension geometry, prevent early tyre wear and identify any worn suspension components, so that the vehicle will handle to its full potential.

To find out more about out NEW Wheel alignment service or any of the other services that Stourbridge Automotive Ltd offers including Audi, BMW, BMW Mini and Mercedes servicing, MOT Testing , Mechanical Repair Work plus much more, please contact our team or see our website for further details.

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