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The Importance of a MOT Test

MOT TestThis month here at Stourbridge Automotive we’re focusing on the importance of a MOT test and the implications to you and your vehicle if you do not comply.

Obtaining a valid MOT test certificate is the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner and ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy.  You will not get a reminder from the UK government when a new certificate is due, but failing to not having a valid MOT test certificate could result in a fixed penalty cost of £100 and even a court summons if your fail to pay.

Being mindful of the month that it is due is imperative and setting a calendar reminder is a good method to adopt. You can take the MOT test at anytime within the 12 months and the new certificate will be valid from the date at which the test is taken. website offers some useful tools for checking if your vehicle’s MOT is valid. By entering your vehicle’s registration number at it will immediately let you know if your certificate is still valid and when your next MOT test is due. The website will also return useful information about the car such as make and model, engine size, fuel type and emissions, should you need to offer this information to insurers and anyone else needing further details about your vehicle.

For further information on the history of your MOT test certificates. You can also re-enter your vehicle’s registration number into . This website offers a detailed breakdown on past MOT tests and any previous advisory’s which can be useful if you wish track back on the car’s history or to look up if you are thinking about buying a used vehicle.

Cars with up to 8 passenger seats do not require a MOT Test until they are 3 years old.

What does a MOT test include?

The MOT test covers several safety aspects of your vehicle both internally and externally. It does not cover the engine, clutch or gear box.

Tyres, brakes, lights, exhaust emissions, mirrors, wipers and windscreen, registration plates, seat belts and horn are just some of the functioning elements of a vehicle that are checked throughout the MOT test.  Any aspects that are showing signs of disfunction will be displayed as an advisory and could impact in a test fail.

However, most items are normally easy to fix and once corrected will ensure a certified Pass on the following test. Test centre’s like Stourbridge Automotive Ltd are always able to alert customers to their findings and can discuss options to rectify to ensure that a further test is successfully completed.  You can find out more about the parts of a car that require checking during the MOT test at:

What to look out for when booking a MOT Test

MOT Test centres are required by UK law to be registered and must display the blue sign with the 3 white triangles to carry out testing.  Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, we provide our MOT testing facility to Audi, BMW, BMW Mini and Mercedes vehicles onsite here in Stourbridge, West Midlands. To book at test or to find out more, please visit our website or you are welcome to call our test advisors to find out more about our MOT Testing facility.