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Improve your vehicle’s performance with BHP-UK

15Now we are cruising into the Spring Season, there is nothing quite like getting out on the open road and enjoying a drive in the sunshine. Stepping your vehicle up a notch with our BHP-UK Spring 2018 offer will give you that ultimate feeling of freedom, so why not treat your car this season?

If you are looking to improve the response of your vehicle’s engine capability or its overall performance in terms of acceleration and a smoother feel to the power, then our BHP-UK Spring offer is designed just for you. Available to Audi, BMW, BMW Mini and Mercedes brands vehicle owners, our BHP-UK upgrade service tailors the response of the car through the ECU (Electronic Control Unit – brain of the car) which not only improves the vehicle’s performance but also assists in the decrease of fuel consumption.

In addition to this, Stourbridge Automotive Ltd will also refine the Modern OBD ‘On Board Diagnostics’ through the vehicle’s digital communication ports, to provide real-time data on the status of the car, rather than only using the typical standardised trouble codes which are normally displayed. Aimed at protecting drivers sooner rather than later, this will indicate to drivers with an early malfunction warning on the dashboard, such as ‘Check Engine Light’ by identifying minor problems early and before they escalate into much larger repair bills.

Use BHP-UK to invest in your vehicle’s performance

This programme is about investment. By investing in your vehicle through these enhancements will not only reduce long terms costs but also keep you safer whilst out on the road. In addition, it will allow you as a driver to enjoy the performance of the car through a more controlled experience.

For more information on how our team could help to improve the performance of your vehicle for both Petrol & Diesel cars with our BHP-UK Spring offer, then please contact our Manager & ECU-Remap Specialist Andy Thomas on 01384 377792 or email us at Alternatively, you can read more about this service and read a testimonial on our ECU Remapping website page –

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