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Shopping whilst EV charging

Improvements on EV Charging Infrastructure

Whilst historically, EV charging has seemingly launched at an extremely slow start across the UK. During 2024 implementation has improved substantially, with a whopping increase of 37% compared to 2023 (according to latest Zapmap data).

Furthermore, the industry trade body ChargeUK has pledged to improve charging solutions and charging locations across the UK, by investing £6billion by 2030 and to meet government targets.

Charging Options

Currently, charging points are broken down into 3 categories:

  1. On-street Residential Charging – Designed for those living in a property without a drive (i.e flat or terraced house) they are able to access electric charge whilst they are at home. Most power outputs will range between 3kw – 7kw.
  2. Destination Charging – Located at supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, shopping and garden centres, these EV points allow drivers to charge for more than one hour at a time and whilst they enjoy a leisure interest. Charging points are AC and provide a range of 7kw – 22kw or the DC has a range of up to 50kw plus.
  3. Rapid En-route Charging – This is the fastest of the three options, as the high range allows drivers to re-charge quickly. Typically found at motorway service stations, fuel stations and purpose-built EV hubs. Charging points provide a range of 50kw to 350kw.

Do you own an EV vehicle and looking for EV support for you AudiBMWBMW MINIMercedesJaguarLand Rover & Range Rover? Here at Stourbridge Automotive, our workshop is EV registered and our EV technicians are fully trained in EV servicing to support customers with EV MOT Tests and EV Servicing.

Furthermore, we are about to install our own EV charging points here at our Stourbridge Automotive workshop. For which we will look forward to updating customers soon!

To find out how we can help you with EV vehicle servicing or if you know of anyone with an EV vehicle who is looking for support, then please pass on our contact details.