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Improving vehicle performance with Stourbridge Automotive Ltd

Here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd we provide many aspects in improving vehicle performance for all Audi, BMW, BMW Mini and Mercedes brand vehicles.

Our Improving Vehicle Performance Services

With our high-level experience in improving vehicle performance, incorporated with only the very best in quality parts, our team can upgrade vehicles both inside and out according to the required specification.

Vehicle Response through Engine Remapping

Remapping an engine is carried out by re-programming the car’s ECU. Often set to manufacturers standard settings, with our experience and professional digital equipment we tweak the settings so that the vehicle becomes far more responsive through the throttle, giving a smoother response in acceleration and then through the braking.

The smoother response also generates improved fuel consumption as the internal system requires less fuel to power the vehicle, therefore providing a long term ongoing financial benefit when purchasing fuel. Information on ECU Remapping is available through our website:


Upgrading with AC Schnitzer

For customers who own BMW & BMW Mini vehicles, here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd we are registered suppliers and installers for AC Schnitzer.  Upgrading with AC Schnitzer provides many advantages to your vehicle’s performance, both inside and out.

Based on motorsport technology and originating from the very best in German engineering, our AC Schnitzer West Midlands installations include the lowering of suspensions, plus interior, wheel, and aerodynamic upgrades. Information on Ac Schnitzer upgrades is available through our website: or you can see their list of upgrade options at:


Vehicle Diagnostic Assessments

Finally, here at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd we provide full diagnostic assessments on request for Audi, BMW, BMW Mini & Mercedes vehicles.  By finding faults early on, the adjusted modern OBD will trigger an early warning light for minor problems before they become much greater issues. To find out more about our engine diagnostic service please see our website:

For more information on any of the items covered in our ‘Improving Vehicle Performance’ article or to book your vehicle in for a review with our diagnostic and performance team, please contact our specialist work team to find out more about improving your vehicles performance.