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Independent Garage verses Main Dealer

A recent survey by, announced that a whopping, “70% of UK drivers prefer to use an independent garage rather than a main dealer”, for vehicle servicing and repairs – Majority of motorists prefer independent garages to main dealers – Garage Wire

Within their report, Garage Wire goes onto share the top 10 cities across the UK, with the most independent garages within the area as follows:

  • London: 557 garages
  • Birmingham: 292
  • Manchester: 285
  • Bristol: 270
  • Nottingham: 240
  • Glasgow: 226
  • Leicester: 210
  • Sheffield: 209
  • Leeds: 190
  • Liverpool: 182

So why choose an Independent Garage? Such as Stourbridge Automotive Ltd – IGA Large Independent Garage of the year 2023 WINNER

Within our own experience through competing with main dealerships, there can often be a variety of factors which lead customers to make the decision to switch from their dealership provider to a company like Stourbridge Automotive, for vehicle service and repairs.

Customer’s, who have used dealerships in the past often talk of inflated costs, lower-grade customer service, or inconvenience when booking. Furthermore, at a dealer, customers won’t necessarily meet the technician face to face, and so they don’t always get to know the detail of the repair and who has worked on their vehicle.

Alternatively, by choosing Stourbridge Automotive, customers receive a personalised service with clear explanations in terms of the work carried out on their vehicle and can get to know the vehicle technicians.

And let’s not also forget, that our automotive team also has authorised access for online digital servicing updating and we only use genuine OEM parts. This means that vehicles of all marque’s still receive the same quality on parts and servicing as they would expect to find through a dealership.

Block Exemption Rule

The Block Exemption Rule within the motor industry allows the owner of a vehicle to use an Independent Garage for servicing as long as that garage meets certain criteria.

  • The garage MUST be VAT registered
  • All servicing MUST be carried out to the Manufactures Service Schedules
  • The garage MUST use genuine or OE parts and approved lubricants.

This DOES NOT affect the vehicles’ manufacture warranty if the garage abides by these rules.

At Stourbridge Automotive Ltd, we operate the business to these rules and include the extra addition of:  

To find out more and to make a booking for vehicle servicing, please get in touch.