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For the provision of
Wheel Alignment Facility including software

11th April 2019

You are hereby invited by Stourbridge Automotive Ltd to submit a tender for the above goods/services.

Our latest project is to provide our existing and potential customers with the additional facility & service, to carry out 4wheel alignment.

Currently, we are unable to offer this service, which is something we are now looking to invest in and be able to incorporate this ‘In House’ facility.

This will enable us to grow as a business, offer an extended range of services to what we already provide with any tyre, suspension or performance upgrades.

Our aim is to also increase our business to business sales, to offer customers a greater variety of services available to them. To provide customers with a greater level of convenience and to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition.

The benefits to the driver & the environment

  • Improved lifespan of tyres
    Poor wheel alignment affects a vehicles tyre wear, often resulting in replacement tyres being required far sooner than they should
  • A Safer Drive
    Incorrectly aligned wheels will affect the quality of a vehicles ride and often cause the vehicle to drift. Wheel alignment will ensure a car is able to maintain a constant straight path, improving ride and safety.
  • Less fuel consumption
    Incorrectly aligned wheels will affect a vehicle’s grip on the road, resulting in the engine having to work harder, therefore leading to faster fuel consumption.
  • Reduced wear & tear
    Incorrectly aligned wheels expose components, such as suspension, to premature wear and damage.Regular wheel alignment checks and adjustments can increase confidence that a vehicles suspension will be less likely damaged by road/surface imperfections.
  • Reducing the vehicles carbon footprint
    Along with saving money for drivers, achieving optimum fuel consumption will greater reduce a vehicles carbon footprint due to refuelling less often. This therefore reduces the output of carbon dioxide levels.


Tender Timetable

  • Tenders clarification questions to be submitted by: 23rd April 2019
  • Return date for tender is: 30th April 2019
  • Anticipated contract award date is: April/May 2019

Tender Specifications

  • All equipment itemised
  • Dimensions of equipment
  • Illustrations of equipment
  • Clear and precise quotations
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Testimonials


Scoring system for all Tender Applications

  1. Organisational experience
  2. Price/competitiveness
  3. Past project performance – details of previous projects
  4. Company reputation
  5. Compliance with tender requirements & deadlines


  1. Poor
  2. Weak
  3. Average
  4. Good
  5. Excellent


You are required to return three original hardcopy proposals of the response to the Invitation to Tender Documents, clearly marked showing company name, address, company registration and VAT number.

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Tenders must be returned to the address below:

Stourbridge Automotive Ltd
Unit 6
Gainsborough Trading Estate
Rufford Road
West Midlands

Tel: 01384 377792

It is requested that all queries be referred to: Kay Fellows/ Neil Fellows using the above contact details.