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Keeping cool in the car this summer

Whether driving in the UK or abroad, although the hot summer days are beautiful, they can sometimes be uncomfortable if you are travelling for long periods of time.  This month, Stourbridge Automotive Ltd is offering some ideas on how to stay safe in the heat whilst travelling and driving on your holidays.

Check your Air-Conditioning before you set off on holiday – If your Air-Conditioning hasn’t had a serviced for 2 years, then it is worth booking your Audi, BMW, BMW MINI or Mercedes into Stourbridge Automotive Ltd for an Air-Conditioning service.  Our specialist team will carry out applicable checks to ensure that the vehicle’s Air-Conditioning System is running to its best potential which includes checking the Gas Levels, detecting any leaks and vacuuming out the system to remove any impurities or moisture.

Plan your journey times – This time of year, the major road networks accommodate a greater influence of traffic and so it is worth researching where the hot spots are likely to be and consider how to avoid them.  Don’t forget the air is much hotter in the midday and afternoon heat and so can become far more uncomfortable to travel in.  Setting off really early in the morning or much later in the day will not only allow you to travel at much cooler times but will also prevent you from sitting in long traffic jams.  Alternatively break the journey up by stopping off at a place of interest and make a day of it!

Plan where to park your car – If you are leaving your car standing for a long period of time, then try to park it in a sheltered or shaded spot.  This will help to keep the overall temperature of the car much cooler for when you need to sit back in it.

Make regular stops on long journeys – Not only can the hot days make you feel uncomfortable when travelling but can also increase the feeling tiredness, especially if driving into the bright sunlight because the rays but a greater strain on your eyes.  Making regular stops and a conscious effort to get out of the car and walk around, will allow you to cool down and feel ready for the next stage of the journey.

Pack plenty of fluids – Whilst you can take every measure to plan your journey as efficiently as possible, you cannot foresee how long a journey can take.  Packing plenty of fluids so that everyone stays hydrated is essential in the hot weather to your wellbeing in the hot weather.

Give your car a check – It is always worth checking your car before embarking on a long journey.  Checking that the oil and tyre pressures are at the correct levels according to the manufacturer’s specification and that there is enough windscreen wash is advisable.  If you come across anything that doesn’t seem right, if there any lights on the dashboard or if there is anything that is loose on the bodywork then you may need to book your Audi, BMW, BMW MINI or Mercedes in for a vehicle maintenance repair with Stourbridge Automotive Ltd. You can find out more on our Audi, BMW, BMW MINI or Mercedes service, maintenance and repair website pages or contact our experienced mechanical engineers.