Do you know when your 2021 MOT test is due?

Do you know when your 2021 MOT test is due? - Stourbridge Automotive
2021 Mot Test Centre Symbol

If you are not sure when your vehicle 2021 MOT Test is due, then by using your vehicle registration number, log on to the UK government website at  to easily find out the due date.

Please note that we are closed between 24th December 2020 – 11th January 2021. For an early January 2021 MOT test, you can book in now for your AudiBMWBMW Mini , Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover to be MOT tested.

For Stourbridge Automotive customers whose 2021 MOT test is due, you should receive a MOT Test reminder text message from our workshop team. However, if you do not receive this, then please give us a call on 01384 377792 to make a booking and we can also put your vehicle on the MOT text reminder service.

What you should know when booking your MOT Test for 2021:

  • UK MOT Tests last for 1 year and can be carried out up to 30 days before expiry date of the current test.
  • Failure to renew your MOT Test could result in a £1000.00 fine.
  • An MOT Test records the following information with regards to your vehicle:
    – mileage
    – the date and place the vehicle was tested
    – if failed, any parts that fail the test
    – the next test due date
  • A valid UK MOT Test Centre will display this sign outside their location and inside the testing area of the workshop:
  • MOT Tests are separate to vehicle servicing and vehicle repairs

For more information on MOT Testing with Stourbridge Automotive, or to book a MOT Test, please contact our office. Based in the West Midlands, Stourbridge Automotive, is an accredited vehicle MOT test centre who specialises in MOT Testing, Servicing and Mechanical Repairs for AudiBMWBMW Mini , Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover vehicles.