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Lockdown is lifting, reliability is key to a safe car

If your car has been standing for some time throughout lockdown, its immediate reliability maybe uncertain, here’s what to do!

From the 29th March 2021 two households will be able to meet outdoors within their local area, followed by the 12th April 2021, when all non-essential travel will be permitted across the UK. This will include driving to see friends and family to meet outdoors and also trips to private residential stays, such as self-contained holiday accommodation and campsites, according to the GOV.UK step by step roadmap out of lockdown –

Because of the restricted regulations around COVID, this has meant that many vehicles have stood stationary throughout the winter season and for nearly 3 months now. With owner drivers, only allowed to drive their vehicles for essential travel, for some and those working from home, this has meant only one trip a week to the local shop.

With travel further afield now insight, here at Stourbridge Automotive, our team are encouraging all owner drivers of AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover and Range Rover to give their cars a thorough check over to ensure that they demonstrate reliability before embarking on much longer journeys over the coming months and especially if they have been left standing for some time.

Aspects of your vehicle to check over to ensure reliability include:

  1. Wash the car to remove all winter residue, paying specific attention to lights, indicator lights, mirrors and wheels.
  2. Check the condition of the tyres for any splits and to ensure that they meet the 5mm tread guidelines.
  3. Test oil levels by testing the level on the dipstick – remember to test with the engine cold and with your car parked on a flat surface; wipe the stick clean first.
  4. Check the dashboard for any reliability warning light alerts and seek a second opinion, or if necessary, book your vehicle in for a diagnostic check with Stourbridge Automotive.
  5. Finally, to ensure complete reliability and especially if the car has not had a service within the last 12 months, please book your vehicle in for a service with Stourbridge Automotive. Our experienced team of vehicle technicians provide vehicle servicing to AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover and Range Rover and Range Rover vehicles. Please see our website vehicle servicing page for servicing information and for specific details for individual marques.