Looking after your car through the chilly winter!

Looking after your car through the chilly winter!
Driving in the winter

This time of year, is usually colder here in the UK and looking after your vehicle can take a bit more time than during the summer months. Looking after your car, will demonstrate longevity, run better, and should continue to be reliable.

Ideas to help your car through the winter months:

  1. Clean the bodywork – Throughout the winter season and when driving, cars pick up a lot of silt and grime from off the road surface which can reduce visibility through the lights and blemish the bodywork. By washing the vehicle regularly to eradicate any impurities which may be lingering on the surface will help to keep the vehicle in good condition.
  2. Service Regularly – If your car has not been serviced during the last 12 months, then now is the time to book a ‘vehicle service’. There is plenty of evidence which suggests that vehicles which are serviced regularly maintain good mechanical performance. Also, by regularly servicing your vehicle and having your Service Book updated and stamped shows a healthy history of car maintenance – a positive selling point, should you ever come to sell on the vehicle at a later date.
  3. Check vehicle tyre tread – During the wintertime, roads become very slippery with mud, excessive rain and ice, which means that drivers should drive slower than usual and allow more time for breaking or slowing down. Tyres play a big factor in this too! Tyres which are in good condition could save drivers from an accident. They should have a minimum tread of 1.6mm and should not, under any circumstances show tyre cords or signs of splitting or brittle wear and tear. It is best to look and feel around the tyres regularly and take the vehicle to a tyre specialist should you notice any concerning deterioration.

For more information on looking after your car through the winter or if you would like to book your AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover or Range Rover into Stourbridge Automotive for a vehicle check/vehicle service, then please contact us. We provide vehicle servicing, MOT test and mechanical repair services to owner / drivers of AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover.