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BMW air conditioning

Maintaining your BMW Air Conditioning System

A well-maintained BMW air conditioning System is essential for a pleasant journey, especially when driving your BMW in this hot summer weather. During the hot weather we rely on air-conditioning far more in our vehicles, to keep us cool whilst driving. If your BMW air conditioning unit is struggling to operate at its best, then here are a few reasons why it could be presenting problems.

BMW Air Conditioning Issues

A/C Leak – A/C Leaks are common problems for BMW vehicles and are often diagnosed if the vents are blowing out warm air. This means that, Freon could be leaking out of the car or may be leaking into the system. Freon is a low toxic gas which is used in air-conditioning systems, when Freon leaks and meets the air, it evaporates and so it can be difficult to detect if there is a problem. By using our special BMW air conditioning testing equipment through booking an air-conditioning service with Stourbridge Automotive, we can check the seals and assess if this is causing any problems.

A/C Fan has stopped working – Detecting a broken air conditioning fan is far easier to notice as a broken fan will not freely circulate the air around the BMW vehicle. If you have noticed this to be a problem, please contact us to check this for you.

Fixing a compressor – A broken compressor can occur because of several reasons:

  • The clutch on the compressor gets stuck.
  • There is an electrical issue.
  • The Freon levels have reduced.

A further inspection will detect if the compressor has any issues and needs fixing.

To find out more about our BMW air conditioning service and air-conditioning services for Audi, Mini, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover, please contact our team or see our website information for more details.

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