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How we are making environmental improvements

Earlier this month, the COP26 summit was held in Glasgow to highlight where environmental improvements are urgently needed to fix our plant for future generations.

The widely publicised event raised many concerns and reinforced the UK’s pledge to become net-zero by 2050.

What came to light throughout the COP26 summit, was how each and everyone of us can make small changes within our day to day living to help reduce carbon and minimise waste. At Stourbridge Automotive we believe we can help the situation through making environmental improvements within our business processes. Here are some of environmentally factors that we are working towards on behalf of both customers and employees. Our future goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

Environmental improvements within our business

  • Embracing Electric – Our workshop alterations and staff training is well-underway to accommodate new electric vehicles to our workshop. We will be launching our new Electric & Hybrid Servicing facility during 2021, so watch this space for future developments!
  • Offering Cleaner Engines – Our engine & fuel treatment by BG products helps to keep engines clean, inside & out. By applying the fuel cleaning treatment to the vehicle’s fuel tank every 3 months, helps to flush out dirty residue which may otherwise be omitted into the air. Find out more about BG cleaning treatment through our website.
  • Disposing Oil Safely – Old vehicle oil is regularly removed from our workshop safely, by a professional national waste disposal organisation. Please note that there is an environmental charge for oil and oil filters apply at Servicing level.
  • Recycling Redundant Vehicle Parts – Old vehicle parts, scrap metals and batteries are taken to a local recycling centre. These are forwarded on for recycling or melted for future use into new materials.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting – Our 22 workshop LED lights are energy efficient and help to illuminate the premises throughout the day. Without using excessive energy, LED lights are much better, as opposed to conventional bulbs or strip lights.
  • Creating an Environmental Office – All correspondence is printed on re-cycled paper and our printer cartridges are collected by a dedicated charity, who re-cycle the components to create extra charity funding for their organisation.

    Further information can be found on our website Green Policy

To find out more about our vehicle services at Stourbridge Automotive and the measures we are taking to make environmental improvements for the future, please visit our website or contact us for more details

Further reading on environmental improvements, COP26 & the UK Government’s 2050 pledge can be found at: