Minimising vehicle risk whilst driving during the winter

Vehicle risk - How to minimise whilst driving during the winter months
Vehicle risk on wet roads

The UK winter weather often throws many elements at us as drivers and can also have a direct effect on vehicles too.  Minimising vehicle risk over the winter months is vital for the safety of drivers, passengers, and other road users.

According to UK government data – Reported Road casualties Great Britain, annual report: 2020, there was an estimated 1,460 reported road fatalities in 2020 with 736 accidents accounted for casualties in cars.

Whilst sadly not all accidents can be avoided, there are safety precautions that as owner / drivers we can take to ensure that we minimise vehicle risk and stay safe whilst out on the road.

Precautionary steps to reduce vehicle risk

Stourbridge Automotive recommends a range of solutions to help to reduce accidents and vehicle risk whilst out on the road, during the winter. These include:

  1. Check tyres to make sure that there is enough tread on all 4 tyres. UK legislation states that it should be of a thickness of 1.6mm.
  2. Test brakes and be aware of stopping distances when driving on wet roads. Remember that your vehicle will take longer to slow down if you need to brake suddenly.
  3. Slow down and leave enough space between your car and the vehicle in front, so that should a hazard occur, that you will have enough time to react.
  4. Regularly wash the vehicle so that headlights, indicators, and number plates are clearly visible to other road users and the police.
  5. Top up the screen wash and check the condition of the windscreen wipers, so that the screen can be cleaned quickly and effectively, as and when needed.
  6. Finally, book a vehicle service with Stourbridge Automotive for your AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover . We provide vehicle servicing which gives cars a complete health check and raise awareness of any other possible impending mechanical issues which may cause a vehicle risk.

To find out more, please speak to our automotive workshop team or see our website for more details on all of our mechanical services available.

Above all, drive safely!