Six money saving tips for your car – from Stourbridge Automotive

Six money saving tips for your car - from Stourbridge Automotive
money saving when holiday driving

Right now, every penny counts! and if you are planning a trip away this summer, finding the opportunity to save money where you can, will all help to go towards the finer holiday’s things, like buying that ice cream for the kids or having a meal out somewhere new.

To help make this happen, this month our team at Stourbridge Automotive have put a list together for customers and associates to reflect on where they could save some cash.

Here are our top 6 money saving tips when driving:

  1. Check tyre pressures – Low tyre pressures means that driving requires using more fuel to get from A to B. All vehicles have individual setting for tyre pressure, so check your manual for manufacturers recommendations.
  2. Condense on the packing – It is a difficult one when often people have a lot of belongings which they wish to take on holiday! However, if you can consolidate items then it will lighten the car’s load, which again means consuming less fuel.
  3. Plan your route – Knowing where you are driving too and which roads you need to take will help to not get lost! or spend any longer in the car driving than you need too, especially if you are embarking on a long journey.
  4. Don’t drive too fast – Increasing your speed increases your fuel consumption. Drive at a safe and steady speed to avoid harsh breaking and acceleration. Take regular breaks and make sure you have enough fluids on board.
  5. Beware of extra charges in towns and cities – Under new UK law for Clean Air Zones, Birmingham and Bath (Portsmouth later this year) now charge for entering into a designated area of the city for certain vehicles. If you are planning a trip into the city, please check if you are eligible to pay by entering your number plate here:
  6. Book a vehicle service – By having your AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover regularly serviced, you will most definitely save money in the long run. A vehicle service with Stourbridge Automotive not only helps to keep a vehicle in good working condition, but faults can often be spotted early and before they become a much bigger and costly problem, especially if you are going away. To find out more about our vehicle servicing, please contact us.