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Your MOT test is due for September 2016 – 66 plate vehicles

For those vehicle owners who are driving a September 2016 – 66 registration plate, your vehicle is now over 3 years old and so it is imperative that you book your car in for an MOT test.  Failure to do so could mean a hefty fine of up to £1000 issued by the police and your vehicle could be impounded.   Please note that you are legally within your rights to drive a vehicle directly to a test centre without a valid MOT certificate, however you may be asked to prove your appointment if your vehicle is stopped by the police.

To check when your first MOT test is due, you can with look it up on your V5C form / vehicle logbook which will clearly state the date at which the vehicle was registered or go online via the certified UK government website and using your vehicle’s registration number you can confirm the status of the vehicle and if the car has a valid MOT Test certificate.

Following the 3 year time period on new cars, MOT tests in the UK are then due annually.  The test will need to be carried out by a registered and certified MOT test centre which can be clearly identified by the symbol featured in this blog.

You can find a registered MOT Test centre in your local area, by using the following UK government website:

Why does your car need an MOT test?

An MOT test is applied to check that your car is safe to drive, is in good working order and is road worthy.  Throughout the test a series of standard procedural checks are carried out around the vehicle, both internally and externally.

Furthermore, if you own an Audi, BMW, BMW MINI or Mercedes and would like to discuss any of the above or know that your MOT test is due and would like to book your vehicle in for an MOT Test, then please contact us at Stourbridge Automotive Ltd on 01384 377792.

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