New 20 Number Plate – vehicle registration out now

New 20 Number Plate - vehicle registration out now
UK 20 Number Plate

On the 1st March 2020 the new ‘20’ vehicle registration plate was released in the UK by the DVLA to replace the current ‘69’ plate.  This means that all new cars will now display the new ‘20’ registration plate as of this month. National Numbers company claims that 5.8 million plates will be used as default number plates on cars across the UK.

Bargain purchases available due to the launch of the 20 number plate

With the introduction of the new 20 registration plate, now is a good time for those looking for a bargain purchase to buy the older vehicle plate as many dealers will be looking to reduce prices in favour of making space for new stock.  This means that customers can potentially buy a brand-new vehicle at a reduced cost.

However, it is worth mentioning that whilst vehicle owners can drive away with the ‘69’ plate or apply for older number plates from previous years, they will not be able to add the new ‘20’ plate to an older vehicle as this is illegal.

To apply for a replacement vehicle number plate you will need to contact us to book an appointment, together with the provision of the following documentation: the vehicle’s log book, photographic identification i.e driving license and a utility bill for proof of address.  To find out more or to make a number plate booking, please visit our website for more details –

Alternatively, you can also find out more about updating vehicle registration plates by visiting the ‘’ website at:

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