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21 number plate

New 21 Number Plate

The new 21 Number Plate is here! Number Plates are issued every six months here in the UK, and so from March 2021 to August 2021, the 21-number plate is produced throughout the 6-month duration. After which later this year, the 71-number plate will follow from September 2021 through to March 2022.

What do the 21 Number Plate letters and digits mean?

  1. The first two letters on a UK number plate refer to the location as to where abouts in the country, the vehicle was initially registered.
  2. The second two digits indicate the year and which duration of the year the plate was registered; currently the 21 number plate digits are displayed as 21.
  3. The final three letters are randomly selected and allocated to dealerships, at the time of registering the vehicle.

Is your current vehicle number plate in good condition?

If you have a number plate which is older than the current 21 number plate, please check that they are in good condition.  According to the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency, it is essential that as the vehicle owner, you keep your front and rear number plates in good condition. Failure to do so, could result in a MOT failure or even hefty fine of up to £1000. The UK Police need to be able to always see all number plates clearly, whilst they also need to be recognised by their digital Automatics Number Plate Recognition system known as ANPR.

  1. Regularly clean your front and rear number plates so that all the numbers and letters are visible.
  2. Your vehicle should display a white coloured number plate on the front and a yellow number plate at the rear. According to the DVSA by having the two different colours, helps drivers to quickly decipher whether or not another vehicle is driving towards or away from them.
  3. Repair any damaged plates by contacting Stourbridge Automotive.
  4. Please note that if your number plates are damaged, or presented for its MOT with illegal font or spacing of characters and numbers, your vehicle will fail the MOT Test, so it is worth getting them fixed beforehand.

To find out more about replacement number plates, please contact Stourbridge Automotive or see our replacement number plates page on our website. We are able to supply replacement plates by booking an appointment. Customers will need to bring with them, their vehicle log book, photographic id and proof of address, such as a utility bill.

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