New Car 69 Plate Registration is out now for 2019

New Car 69 Plate Registration is out now for 2019

As of the 1st September 2019 the new car 69 registration plate has been released and will run until the 20 plate is launched next year in March 2020.

If you have ever wondered what the digits and letters actually mean on a number plate, here is an explanation according Lookers Motor Group Ltd. The first 2 letters signify at which location the vehicle was registered. The next 2 digits are known as the ‘age identifier’ which defines the year in which it was registered and the last three digits are randomly selected and represent the dealers who registered them.

What to consider when buying a new car

When buying a new car there is so much to consider and with a variety of choice available, finding the perfect model can be a challenge. The best advice is to do your research well. Consider brands where you like the style and then think about how you will use your vehicle in your everyday life to prioritise what is important to you.
Blogs and online reviews are a great way to review feedback and can help you to come to an informed decision on the brand and model of car that you might like to buy.

Get the most for your money when buying a new car

New car dealerships are always at the ready to do a deal and so getting the most for your money is paramount. Vehicle upgrades and extras, provide some great features for your vehicle and can be good on the ‘bargaining power ‘. Therefore it is best to do your research and find out what upgrades are available specifically to the brand so that you could gain a few little extras.

Check the warranty

Warranty normally comes as standard with all new vehicles however it is worth enquiring as to what the longest possible term is available to you and also find out to be clear on what is included before you buy.

Where to find help following your vehicle purchase

All dealerships will offer a support package on vehicle servicing following your new car purchase. If you buy an Audi, BMW, BMW MINI or Mercedes then you may also like to consider Stourbridge Automotive Ltd. We support vehicle owners of these brands with an excellent level of vehicle servicing and can often charge less than the dealerships for vehicle servicing and repairs. Additionally all of our work is carried out by certified technicians who have often come from the dealerships themselves. Plus we only use genuine parts, your service history is updated and your warranty will not be affected.

To find out more please contact our technical team or see our website for more details.

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