Going on Holiday? Book a UK Air Conditioning Service

UK Air Conditioning Service - Book now if your are going on Holiday!
UK Air Conditioning Service

With our British summer weather anticipated to warm up again over the following weeks, now is the right time to book a UK Air Conditioning Service with Stourbridge Automotive for your vehicle before you embark on a long journey.

There is nothing worse than sitting in a hot and stuffy car for a long period of time. Furthermore, travelling at higher speeds on the motorway can restrict opening windows preventing air flow. To have a fully functioning air conditioning system in your vehicle, really can, make the journey feel more pleasant for both driver and passengers. It will also stop the driver feeling tired because the temperature in the car can be moderated according to the weather temperature outside.

To keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system in a good working condition, we recommend that you use our Stourbridge Automotive UK Air Conditioning Service and have the system checked every two years.  Additionally, it is wise to turn on the system regularly and throughout the winter months, as this will help to ensure that all components continue to operate.

What a UK Air Conditioning Service entails

A UK Air Conditioning Service with Stourbridge Automotive includes the following checks to your vehicle’s air conditioning system:

  • Recharging and checking of gas levels.
  • A full system clean to remove any impurities and excess moisture which may have built up over the winter months.
  • Testing and checking of components.

Please remember that the checking of your air conditioning system is not part of you’re an MOT Test and should be booked in separately as a UK Air Conditioning Service with Stourbridge Automotive.

We provide our UK Air Conditioning Service to all owner / drivers of AudiBMWMINI, Mercedes JaguarLand Rover & Range Rover marques. To find out more, please contact our workshop vehicle servicing team or see our website for further details.